The Swatch Once Again Watch

We own an Apple Watch. It has a lot of capability, but sometimes it’s too complicated. So we bought a Swatch Once Again watch ($55 at Amazon). It has a calendar. At the moment it shows Sunday (correct) and a date of 4 (incorrect; it is 27). We would like to correct the date, but it is impossible to pull out the stem (and we don’t want to break it).

A good idea spoiled by its implementation

We discovered in our closet a small box that contained a large belt buckle and a newspaper article titled “If You Buckle Up, They Will Watch”. This seemed to be ideal for our cowboy costume for our marching band. Mr. Shaw Kaake thinks that people entranced by hand-held screens tend to ignore them, to the detriment of civil society. His response to this trend was the Egokast, a palm-sized video player that doubles as a belt buckle. We have in our past a considerable experience in programming computers. Unfortunately, the maker made it a long process, so long that we chose not to do it. We wonder if any or many other users have been willing to spend the time to create a detailed image.

Using A Tablet Can Be Like a Laptop PC

Advances in technology continue to make computers smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Journalist Larry Magid has pointed out that tablets are even smaller, lighter, and cheaper than laptop computers. Several manufacturers—including Android, Apple, HP, and Amazon (Fire series)—make both tablets and laptops. We even found an “iKeyboard” that lets us touch-type on our iPad.

Airpots Conserve Water in These Shortage Days

We have used an “Airpot” for many years. For those who are not familiar with airpots, they are tall insulated containers for water or other liquids (especially coffee). We find it convenient to have hot water literally at the touch.  We make cocoa. And we use it for an immediate rinsing of cooking and eating utensils.

A Seasonal One-Hour Change Causes a Tizzy to Electronic Watches TWICE Every Year

The original reason for this to help farmers who needed daylight to do their chores. But more recently they have powerful lights on their implements.

We have three electronic watches—a Casio F-91W, a Casio PERSONAL TRAINER, and a SEIKO ALARM PULSE METER CHRONOGRAPH. We cannot find any helpful information on the Web to help us change the time shown on the watches.

The Pros and Cons of Plastic Trumpets

After a half-century, we re-started playing our mothballed trumpet and joined the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band in California. When we visited the Mountain View music store, we saw a red plastic trumpet at a very low price and fell in love. The band has a good sense of humor, and its leader plays a green slide trombone, so it was an easy decision to buy it. The downside is that the valves stick sometimes.

Adding a New Mailbox to Outlook

We needed to add a new mailbox in Outlook and we asked Microsoft in late 2021 “How to add a new mailbox in Outlook”. Microsoft replied:

  1. To add another mailbox, launch “Microsoft Outlook 2016”
  2. Select the “File” tab >
  3. Select “Info tab” > “Account Settings”
  4. In “Account Settings”, select your current mailbox and click “change”
  5. Select “More Settings”
  6. Select the “Advanced” tab.
  7. Select “Add”
  8. In the “Add mailbox” field, type names, or browse for mailboxes.

What does “Microsoft Outlook 2016” have to do with this? And why go through all this? In fact it was very simple.