Google Analytics Seriously Understates Visitor Counts

We become disappointed whenever we receive Google’s monthly Snapshots, and suspect that the large majority of website developers feel the same way. In December 2017 our server statistics showed nearly 100 times as many visitors as Google Analytics did, and in January 2018 they showed 60 times as many visitors as Google Analytics did.

There are a lot of reasons why the Google Analytics figures can be inaccurate, including unbiased ones and biased ones.

And, especially for websites with relatively low visitor counts, the Google Analytics counts are seriously inflated by counting visits by Bots.

Beyond disappointing we become angry when Google wants us to buy AdWords, implying that our visitor counts will be boosted.

2 thoughts on “Google Analytics Seriously Understates Visitor Counts

  1. Attribution Illusions is very apt.- the same happens on my websites too – so thanks for sharing and providing the opportunity to discuss how Google uses illusions to make us buy AdWords.

  2. Thanks for this post – Google tends to bury this type of criticism – even searching for ‘miscounts’ does not yield much – I only found one entry when searching for Googlebot miscounts – is it possible that only 1 person complained since 2011? here it is: There are some other miscounts of more than 23,000 and 14,000. I’m certain this is one reason our site traffic is off by more than %35. Can someone remove this defective data from our account? I increased Googlebot crawl …

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