Swivel Personal Cameraman Disenfranchised Me

As a very early customer, I expected better treatment. But, within 6 months they obsoleted their first model, without either notifying me or offering me an upgrade or discount on the new model. I own an iPhone 4S, which worked with the first model OK for a while (after a repair of the defective original Swivl unit). But there is new firmware and a new App. The new App does not work properly, and Swivl’s customer service did not respond to my requests for help on a timely basis.

Honorable Contributor: Wild Bill

Technology Bloopers in the Classroom

The biggest computer and technology blooper is when school districts buy computer software that the children think is boring, or worse, if it is too hard to use. How do we get educators to teach children software without making the children feel overwhelmed? How can we get there when a lot of our software does not even run well? See what President Obama would like us to do.

Honorable Contributor: Henry J.

“Don’t Cuss, Tell Us” – Vent about Bad Technology

Welcome to Blooper Jar, a more useful version of a swear jar. Tell us about problems you’ve encountered with technology, e.g. mobile devices. The latest developments in computing hardware and software continue to produce miraculous functionality. But it could be a lot better if the numerous mistakes or misguided directions in design and implementation were fixed.  Technology Bloopers is YOUR  forum for calling these mistakes to the attention of the companies and individuals making them, and asking that they be fixed. We welcome not only your identifying the problems, mistakes, misguided directions, etc., but also your suggestions for fixing them.